Italian design furniture retailer Viadurini expands to United States

Viadurini is an Italian ecommerce company that sells designer & stylish furniture from Milan online. It has revealed it will open an online store in the United States. The company is already available in many European countries. We interviewed X about the online furniture store.

The most famous street in Milan is most likely Via Montenapoleone. But if you are a design fan, the response might be Via Durini, which equates as Durini Street. Here you can discover well-known and luxurious design furniture stores. Online there is likewise a Via Durini, founded by two business owners from the North-Italian region Emilia-Romagna.

Initially, ecommerce company Viadurini concentrated on the Italian market however it has now been translated into 6 various languages and it currently covers 16 nations. We talked to Gianni Gozzi about this Italian online store and the interesting world of design furniture.

You and your co-founder matured on the planet of marketing and design. How did this experience assistance you with being an effective ecommerce player?

My working experience of 22 years in the classical distribution in a company with over a hundred designer furniture showrooms has assisted me to understand the online market rules. The classical marketing experience has actually permitted us to comprehend the full force of direct online sales.

You use the Made in Italy logo a lot on your website: could you tell us more about this and why you securely believe in it?

While I worked as a buyer in Milan, I recognized that all global consumers desire Italian items because they are easier to sell abroad. In fact, today the sales of Viadurini are focused primarily abroad (90%). Foreign clients particularly value the taste, surface, high quality and style patterns when purchasing Made in Italy straight in Italy.

Your consumer care is in 6 languages. How huge is your Polish audience, as you offer customer care in Polish? Are other languages to be consisted of in the future, if so: which ones?

Our significant customers are French and German. A big surprise for us was to note Poland as the 3rd selling country. This is why we have consisted of a Polish native speaker in our consumer care, who is having a significant success in this nation. We are growing a lot in Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium too. We have simply recently enabled strong web marketing projects in England but the most crucial objectives are the North America and China s market for which we are now organizing customer care with native speakers.

You’ve got a huge structure in Milan, do you also store the items there?

Presently, our top priority is to not have a storage facility or showroom. As quickly as they are ready, the products leave the Italian manufacturer and will be delivered to the entire world. In our building we just have offices: our customer care, the production department for product positioning and product updates, our SEO division, contracts, the press office, our transport management and administration.

On your homepage you say Viadurini is one of the couple of Italian ecommerce with SSL certificate. That’s an excellent unique selling point for you, however it also states something about the Italian ecommerce industry, doesn’t it?

It’s true, the Italian ecommerce market is out of step with other countries in Europe. We have the EV SSL certificate; the optimum level that we can have for an accreditation. As for the other Italian companies, some have the fundamental level of SSL certification and that’s not completely safe.

What tips can you provide to other European retailers who sell furniture online?

Find a niche market and specialize on that.

What is the most essential thing a European online retailer must understand if he decides to sell online in Italy?

Italian individuals utilized to buy online only low average items approximately a maximum of 200 euros. There is still no culture of doing greater online purchases.